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    Member Since September 2019

    David Stunning

    Valencia, California 

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    David Stunning completed Trans-Catalina Trail

    16 days ago

    David Stunning reviewed Trans-Catalina Trail

    16 days ago

    This was my first time backpacking. I made a huge mistake of packing way too much stuff. I think my pack was around 30lbs or so. Anyway, I started at avalon and camped at blackjack, which was my day one. My backpacking ended at airport from there I took a truck and headed back to avalon. It was painful.

    Elevation was crazy it was hurting my back the whole time. I think those trekking poles are must. I started on sunday and I only came across one group. (couple) Also, make sure to bring long pants. You have cactus and long sharp (I don't know the name) plants around the trails.

    It's cold at night so make sure you bring jacket.

    Overall, hiking (avalon to blackjack) felt like hiking in my local hiking trail, except you have beautiful ocean view. I will go back this year but will skip avalon to blackjack. IF you do plan to backpack this trail, make sure to take hikkkkking pooles!! PLEASE.