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    Member Since June 2019

    David Lecoutre

    Hayward, California 

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    David Lecoutre reviewed Dipsea to Ben Johnson Trail Loop

    25 days ago

    Great hike & exercise. Muir wood visitor center and shops are half way through the hike, giving the ability to carry less by refilling and eating there.

    FYI: The Muir pass is now $15 (payable at the visitor center halfway in the hike)

    David Lecoutre reviewed Stinson Beach and Muir Woods Loop

    25 days ago

    It was a good hike and quite difficult at the last 3-4 miles (because of the length, I’m training to get better). The distance may be off a little bit, I logged 14.5 miles.
    I like the views: high up above the clouds, small canyon, redwood forest, trees with moss...

    I really liked Muir wood, great trees to see and you get the ability to refill or buy what you need half way at the visitors center & restaurants. However, it’s a little bit too crowded for a mile or so.

    David Lecoutre saved Half Dome Trail

    25 days ago

    David Lecoutre saved Sierra Road Loop

    3 months ago