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    Member Since August 2019

    David Harland Pro-red@3x

    Cairns, Queensland, Australia 

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    David Harland completed Walshs Pyramid

    6 days ago

    David Harland reviewed Glacier Rock Lookout

    18 days ago

    Very nice walk which isn't overly difficult to complete. View at the end is stunning. Probably about 3 hour round trip, but thats taking your time & taking everything in

    David Harland reviewed Saddle Mountain

    18 days ago

    Beautiful hike & the view at the end is spectacular. Nice to be higher than the tablelands & see the mountain scape down to Cairns. Views to Lambs Head, Glacier Rock, Double Island to name a few. Took us about 2 hours to the top but that was taking it fairly easy, that last bit is almost straight up so expect a good workout, not something I'd personally be doing in the rain. Coming down was easy but would have preferred something with a bit more tread than my runners as it can be easy to loose footing on the rocky path.

    David Harland completed Glacier Rock Lookout

    18 days ago

    David Harland completed Saddle Mountain

    18 days ago