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    David Anderson reviewed Bear Pond Ridge Route Via Iron Creek Mountain Trail

    24 days ago

    Easy trail, little steep uphill but it's short and the lake was beautiful. Don't know about fishing but I read this was one of only two lakes in K-Country stocked with Grayling so that might be interesting. Great stop on the way across Hwy 512 from Chain Lakes to the Forestry Trunk Road. Best hit of the day was the herd of Bighorn Sheep that came out to lick the salty dust off my truck.

    David Anderson reviewed Black Prince Cirque Interpretive Trail to Warspite Lake

    2 months ago

    Second trip to Black Prince since November 2016. Hoped to go further up to higher lakes but we stopped short at the cave. Beautiful day, lots of colour. I know it's a fairly easy hike but I'm finding all of them harder as time goes by. Happy to get as far as we did.

    David Anderson reviewed White Buddha via Powderface Trail

    4 months ago

    We approached the trail to White Buddha (Otherwise known as Vents Ridge) by way of the Powderface Trail on the south side of Powderface Creek. Maps suggested an optional route along the north side but we didn't see the starting point of the north side trail. The trail north from Powderface is pretty clear once you get there but it is easy to miss it when the waterfall catches your eye. My old knees found the trail kind of steep but footing was good and overall the trail up wasn't particularly hard. The cliff face was really great. Obviously well used by climbers. Lots of hardware bolted into the rock. Shale and scree was a bit slippery for the last few feet but not a problem with the right footwear. Beautiful views all around (Calgary is visible some 60 km away). On the way down we found the trail on the north side of Powderface Creek and followed it back to the parking lot. Not easy to pick up the start among the cars but it's there. Overall a good hike.

    David Anderson reviewed Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park Loop

    4 months ago

    We tried to follow the track shown on the All Trails site but quickly lost it. There is no marked or even well used track to follow. We followed deer trails and instinct to loop through the fields around the back of the mesa and then climbed up the mesa from the north. Took some real route finding skills to figure out a way around the ravines and gullies to the top. Beautiful up there. Tough again on the way down. Still no trail and some treacherous footing but we made it. Overall a great place and we had a real adventure (take lots of water and then add one more).

    David Anderson reviewed Arethusa Cirque Route

    5 months ago

    Decided to try Arethusa after finding out at Barrier that Ptarmigan was closed due to bear activity. This was our first time on the Arethusa trail and it turned out to be a great decision. Quick through the trees into open meadows at the treelike and above. Beautiful streams running down from multiple cirques, some of which were challenging to cross. The trail up the east cirque was kind of tough to find with the snow and boulder field but it was great fun. I wasn't dressed for the weather so we turned back at the cirque when it was +2 and snowing. There are lots of possibilities for other hikes in the area below Storm Mountain and Arethusa including scrambles up the scree slopes. Great alternative to Ptarmigan/Pocaterra.

    David Anderson completed Arethusa Cirque Route

    5 months ago

    David Anderson reviewed Prairie Mountain Trail

    11 months ago

    Wife and I have been up twice, most recently in September 2016. Some snow higher up (should have taken ice grippers). Close to the top the fog completely obscured everything more than a few metres away, let alone the steep drops. I find it to be tough but I’m in my mid sixties and don’t hike enough. I know there is a great view.

    David Anderson completed Mount Hoffman Trail

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson reviewed Mount Hoffman Trail

    about 1 year ago

    I agree, my wife and I both liked this trail a lot. We hiked on Sept 20. It was bitter cold and windy at the top with snow threatening across into Mount Gibraltar. I was looking for a fairly short trail with a good view of the mountains covered in early snow and this one fit the bill. The trail was easy to follow. The confusing section through the old growth forest at the top of the ridge was well travelled and marked with flagging tape. I can imagine the situation changes constantly as more deadfall collects in the area. The section up to the forest is steep but manageable. One might expect switchbacks up the slope but this time it's like Prairie Mountain, straight up. I was pleasantly surprised by the bare rock knob on top. I thought the trail ended in a high meadow but the summit was bare, windswept rock just metres above tree line. The short detour to the area called The Knobs is worthwhile for a place to rest and have some water. We found 2 Geocaches, quite by accident, one in the meadow at the old logging camp and a second on top. Construction of the new bridge over the Sheep River has created a great opportunity to hike Mount Hoffmann. On a good day Calgary can be seen 38 miles to the north east (see photos).

    David Anderson saved Mount Hoffman Trail

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson saved Rae Glacier Trail

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson reviewed Rae Glacier Trail

    about 1 year ago

    I reviewed this trail under Elbow Lake but obviously Rae Glacier is more appropriate. The trail was very popular and busy on a Thursday (Aug 31). There is a steep piece at the start but it is fairly short. Once at the lake the trail is flat and offers numerous options to continue north to Tombstone or southeast up to the Rae Glacier on Mount Rae. Excellent back country camping along the lake. Very nice day. We made it just below the glacier itself.

    David Anderson completed Rae Glacier Trail

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson saved Ptarmigan Cirque

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson saved Deer Ridge Trail

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson saved Pocaterra Cirque

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson reviewed Elbow Lake

    about 1 year ago

    David Anderson reviewed Pocaterra Cirque

    over 1 year ago

    This was our second try on this trail. On our first hike on June 21 2017 we found ourselves stomping around on the avalanche slope trying to get across to the tarn. We didn't make it. This time we went in with two old dogs and although the broken scree was kind of hard for them to negotiate overall the trail wasn't really a problem for them. Nice to have running water on a trail for the dogs. We met 10 other hikers on the trail which was OK because more people mean less likelihood of an unexpected bear encounter. It was a beautiful day. Clear skies, light breezes and a high of 15C. Highly recommended.