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    Dave Puhrmann saved Apgar Bike Trail

    4 months ago

    Dave Puhrmann saved Hidden Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Dave Puhrmann reviewed Gobblers Knob/Lake George Trail

    4 months ago

    My 12 year old daughter and I biked the West Side Road to the trailhead, parked our bikes in the cool NPS log rack and then hiked to Gobblers Knob. Awesome views, good trail and a father/daughter memory which we won't soon forget.

    For anyone else thinking about doing this trail, I would definitely recommend biking the West Side Road as it lets you bypass less scenic portions of the trail and cruising back downhill after the hike was a great way to end the day. It is a fairly steady climb on the road though, I commute by bike so wasn't having any issues, but my 12 year old had to walk her bike a good portion of the way. Still worth it considering not having to hike back down! There is a bike rack made of a log that also has metal pipe around it allowing you to lock up your bikes right at the trailhead. Both of us had bikes with front suspension, but I think a bike without suspension could have handled the road surface just fine.

    Whenever we stopped, there were mosquitoes present, but the deet must have been doing its job as I only got one bite. Compared to the amount of bugs I saw, I was pretty surprised that they didn't actually get to us that much.

    There were avalanche lilies blooming all along the trail and I saw one patch of bear grass that was starting to bloom. Gave us something to focus on when the trail was mostly in the trees.

    Trail is in great shape other than a couple small snow patches that are easily crossed. Navigation is easy and junctions are clearly marked. We hiked up to Lake George and had lunch overlooking the lake before heading up to the fire lookout. This was the first hike with major elevation gain I have done with my 12 year old so there were frequent stops. It was probably more than she was ready to tackle, but slow & steady won the race and she was really proud of herself when we reached the top. Spent some time at the lookout which you can see into and walked around the decking for awesome views. I have done the Wonderland and this spot would have to rank right up there with some of the best views of the mountain I have seen. Hike back down was quick and easy, then just let gravity propel the bikes back to our car.

    We arrived around 9:30 AM on a Sunday and all the spots near where the road is closed were taken, but we found a pullout on the side of the road just a few hundred feet away from the parking lot. Note that the road up is dirt and your car will be covered in dust by the time you return.

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