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    Dave Dorrance reviewed Frazier Mountain Road

    11 months ago

    I'm and old guy with a bad hip. Left parking lot at 8:45 AM. Took ATV trail. Got to lookout at 12:15. Came back down on park road. Back to parking lot by 2:15.

    Moderate, even workout
    Moderate scenery
    Moderate ATV traffic
    Moderate trash
    No wildlife
    No other hikers
    Coming down on the park road was dangerous due to traffic

    Dave Dorrance completed Frazier Mountain Road

    11 months ago

    Dave Dorrance reviewed Packsaddle Cave Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Moderate work out for an old guy
    1.5 hours from Bakersfield
    1.15 hours to cave
    1.0 hour back down
    Note: there are 2 caves - the easiest one is the unanmed one a bit further up the canyon on the USGS topo. Look for a cairn on the trail pointing to the side route.

    Dave Dorrance completed Packsaddle Cave Trail

    about 1 year ago