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    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed State Capitol to Campbell Hill - Highpoint of Ohio

    4 days ago

    Used this “trail” as the reference since it was the only post regarding Ohio’s Highpoint on AllTrails. The drive was quite scenic and very low traffic. Took less than an hour’s drive from Columbus. Make sure you arrive before 3:00 on Saturday because they close the main gate and you would have to park farther away. The highpoint was very well taken care of with a summit register, bench, and highpoint sign. It was actually surprising that it was situated on a small hill so there was a decent view to see. Four stars, just because there isn’t anything special in this area other than being Ohio’s highpoint.

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Hoosier Hill - Indiana's Highpoint [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

    8 days ago

    The drive to the Highpoint is very scenic. The Highpoint is right next to where you park. The trail is exactly as described. The actual Highpoint spot is very well done with a summit register, marker, and picnic bench. Four stars, because not much else is special about the area other than being Indiana’s tallest point.

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Backbone Mountain

    about 1 month ago

    Completed this hike over last weekend. Very easy trail and very straightforward. One of the first times I think the trail is too well marked. Parking is possible right across the trailhead. Views at the top were not that great except only in one direction, but the area around summit is very well done. A statue indicating the Maryland/Delaware border can be found on the same trail. The USA’s smallest church can also be found right down the road. Overall was a great leisurely hike but fours stars just because it was quite muddy and nothing really too special unless you’re a Highpointer.

    Darrel Bibicheff saved Rock Garden Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Darrel Bibicheff completed Backbone Mountain

    about 1 month ago

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Mount Haystack Trail

    3 months ago

    Just completed this hike last weekend over 3 days and 2 nights while camping at Bushnell Falls. The extra time definitely made the summit day much easier. Hike was relatively easy first five miles and then was very steep for most of the rest of the way. Definitely worth the challenge and the sore legs the next day. Views were amazing and you can see for miles in all directions. Would recommend to anyone looking for a difficult but rewarding hike in the Adirondacks.

    Darrel Bibicheff completed Mount Haystack Trail

    3 months ago

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Basin Mountain Saddleback Mountain Loop via Phelps Trail

    6 months ago

    Just finished this trail over a 2 day trip. Hiked in about 3.6 miles and camped near Johns Brook Lodge. Then did the 8 mile loop, packed the tents and hiked out. The trail was very easy to follow and views at the top of both mountains were amazing. I ended up doing the loop the other direction than the one described here, so you summit the taller mountain second. It was very steep going down Saddleback mountain so there were a lot of fun rock scrambling opportunities. The trail was quite muddy so gaiters would be recommended. Overall definitely a great hike and a great physical challenge.

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Huntington Ravine Trail

    8 months ago

    Did this hike the previous summer. I would say this is definitely the most fun and challenging way to the summit as well as rewarding. The rock scramble was a ton of fun and a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. Hike was very easy to follow as there were paint marks on the mountain. Views at the top of the mountain were amazing and made the difficulty of this hike totally worth it. I recommend coming down the Tuckerman ravine trial as this trail is too steep to go back down it. Took about 7 hours round trip but also because of one hour spent on the summit. Overall an awesome way to get to the top of the highest mountain in the Northeast.

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Spruce Knob

    8 months ago

    Did this a while back in September and forgot to review. Great hike and relatively easy gradient to the summit. The total hike took around 5.5 hours to complete. The views from the summit tower looked amazing and you were able to see all the various colors of the trees in the distance as it was the beginning of fall. Trail is well marked and very easy to follow and a rewarding way to summit West Virginia’s highpoint.

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Arkaquah Trail

    8 months ago

    This definitely was a tough one for a day hike. Legs completely sore the day after, but extremely worth it. Most of the trail going up you’re surrounded by dense forests and will be going through many switchbacks. Once you get closer to the parking area at the top, the trail gets milder and easier. The parking area is a great location to refuel and buy snacks if needed. Then the last half mile is on a paved path to the top. The observation tower at the top was quite unique and views were amazing as you can see for miles in all directions. You are clearly able to tell you are at the tallest point in Georgia here. The path is very easy follow and relatively straightforward. Took a little less than 7 hours to complete. Definitely recommend, but be aware of a difficult and exhausting hike.

    Darrel Bibicheff completed Arkaquah Trail

    8 months ago

    Darrel Bibicheff reviewed Ebright Azimuth - Delaware Highpoint

    9 months ago

    A very nicely maintained state high point. Nothing too special about the area, but also gives an excuse to visit Wilmington, Delaware. High point is easily accessible and you can literally park right across the street.

    Darrel Bibicheff added Adirondack 46ers

    11 months ago