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    Danielle Wood saved Cranberry Lake

    3 days ago

    Danielle Wood reviewed Grove of the Patriarchs Nature Trail

    12 months ago

    It's an easy trail, but a must-see for anyone visiting Rainier! It's nice and shaded and the river and trees are beautiful! My kids loved it! We hiked this on the Centennial and it wasn't too crowded, but I can see how it could easily get that way. Well worth the stop, though!

    Danielle Wood reviewed Watershed Park Trail

    12 months ago

    Another fun, local hike with kids! There were a few places that went uphill, but my 7 year old and 4 year old made it just fine! A nice find in the middle of town!

    Danielle Wood completed Watershed Park Trail

    12 months ago

    Danielle Wood reviewed Trail of the Shadows Trail

    12 months ago

    A leisurely, fun trail with kids! Lots of shade, not difficult at all... We enjoyed it!