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    Danielle Sullivan saved Santiam Lake

    2 months ago

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Burnt Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Road to the trail is paved all the way to the campground before it turns into a fairly nice gravel road. A few pot holes but nothing a low clearance vehicle can’t handle. Elevation gain is pretty gradual until you’re closer to the lake. You’re in the woods with no views except for one clearing and at the base of the lake, but when you can see the mountain its nothing short of breathtaking!

    Danielle Sullivan completed Burnt Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Tamanawas Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    This is actually a 4 mile hike! Got confused in the rocky portion and ended up scrambling in the dirt. There’s actually small switch backs that I didn’t notice until my way back to the car. The trail is heavily wooded and shaded but I still found it to be pretty hot in some areas. Gorgeous waterfall that has a refreshing mist. I went early enough that I had the place mostly to myself to enjoy. Parking lot was full when I left at 11:30!

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

    5 months ago

    Got to the trail around 7:30AM, shared the trail with a manageable amount of friendly hikers until we started to descend. On easy access popular trails like this one, you are quickly reminded how many people don’t understand common trail etiquette. The flood of people started around 9AM and made a normally easy descent tiresome. It was also extremely disheartening to see how many people have disrespect for nature by leaving their trash behind (pack it in, pack it out). There were multiple others that felt the same way and were carrying garbage bags of other peoples trash down with them. THAT being said, this is an otherwise lovely trail with amazing views. Bonus was all the dogs I got to pet.

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Little Si Trail

    5 months ago

    Loved this trail! The beginning of the trail and near the summit are the steepest portions of the trail. Otherwise really gradual in the middle. Most of the trail is shaded in a nice forest and the overlooking views are only at the top. Arrived to the trailhead Saturday at 7:30am and snagged the last parking spot. Seattle wakes up early for these beautiful hikes!

    Danielle Sullivan completed Little Si Trail

    5 months ago

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Cape Lookout Trail

    5 months ago

    I thought people might have been over exaggerating the level of mud on this trail especially when I started out. The first half of this trail is well maintained and not muddy at all until you hit the first view point with railing. From then on is sinking mud puddles and lots of roots to navigate. I wouldn’t call it hard but it’ll definitely slow you down since you’re constantly checking your footing. I would save this one for summer when it’s dried out. But the views are worth the trouble if you can’t wait! Also I didn’t notice it on the way out to the cape but you’re going gradually down hill the whole time so the hike back out is mostly uphill. Extremely gradual uphill but constant nonetheless.

    Danielle Sullivan completed Cape Lookout Trail

    5 months ago

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Mount Talbert via Park Loop and Summit Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    Well maintained and well marked nature park. Pleasantly surprised at how pretty these trails were. Obviously not going to be as good as hiking to views or a waterfall, but given location and proximity this is a pretty great option. A good place to stop after work to stretch your legs!

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Oregon Coast Trail to Neahkahnie Mountain

    7 months ago

    Well maintained trail with continuous elevation gain. Very muddy even on a nice day after the rainy season. Lots of roots on this trail so watch your feet! Views from the top are nothing but breathtaking. Everyone I met on the trail was extremely friendly as well which is always a plus.

    Danielle Sullivan reviewed Pup Creek Falls via Clackamas River Trail

    7 months ago

    2/17/2018 - Pup Creek definitely makes you work for its beauty. This was an easy to access trail right off of 224. No snow on the roads or trail. The trail was worn down from the winter but looks like it’s usually well maintained otherwise. Lots of downed trees and even some sections of the trail that looked like it had recently washed out or had the potential to do so. The water of the clackamas river is a gorgeous turquoise/green and the forest you hike through is vibrant. Only downside is the road is also right there, but since I was hiking alone it was comforting. Elevation is fairly gradual but I definitely felt it on my trip back to the car.

    Danielle Sullivan saved Starway Trail

    8 months ago