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    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Pass Mountain Trail

    9 months ago

    Nice hike with some really spectacular views. We hiked it clockwise. Western 1/2 of the trail is mostly hard pack earth, sand or gravel. Eastern 1/2 you start getting into some rocks and some loose footing which makes this a moderate trail.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Browns Peak via Brown's Trail

    12 months ago

    We really enjoyed this out and back hike. Some nice views through and above the treeline. We timed it right and caught all of the foliage in bloom. Some scrambling is needed towards the end.

    The trail is dog-friendly, our 7 y.o JRT trail dog had an easy go at it until she tuckered out (must have been the elevation :-)

    Please note that to get to the TH may require a high ground clearance vehicle (lots of washboard and rocky dirt road). 4WD is not necessary (we saw a Honda Accord parked at the TH) but care is needed around turns with the ATV traffic.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed See Canyon Trail #184

    12 months ago

    Nice hike but a few items of note.

    People tend to camp at the TH and along the first 1/2 mile stretch. Just something to be cognizant of as you're possibly walking right by (or through) someone's campsite.

    The second thing of note starts about 3/5th of the way in and that is the climb. Just look for the point on the topo map where the contour lines get really close.

    Some great views along the way, the first section is an easy jaunt where it changes to an easy/moderate climb.

    Lightly traveled, our 7 y.o. JRT trail dog did not join us on this hike, however likely would have been fine.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Cypress Trail to Boulders Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    We enjoyed this trail quite a bit. The first 1/3 is relatively flat as it descends into a rocky wash. Then there are are some large boulders to navigate. We took our 7 y.o. JRT trail dog with us, who had to be carried over the boulders (small legs), but otherwise not too demanding on her.

    All in all, lightly trafficked, and sparsely marked in areas. Otherwise, great scenery.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Woods Canyon Lake Trail

    12 months ago

    A nice well-trafficked trail around the lake. Parking can be an issue during the weekends. Dog-friendly.

    Per AZ Game & Fish, April 1st through August 31st a portion of the trail is closed and rerouted due to bald eagle nesting (SW portion of the trail) which you can catch a glimpse of from the opposite side of the lake, bring your binoculars.

    Lots of campgrounds in the area ensures some congestion during peak times/seasons. Camp store and boat/kayak rentals as well.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed San Tan Loop Trail

    12 months ago

    Some nice desert landscape and views of the mountain range.

    We hiked this clockwise from the TH and it became apparent that mountain bikers who were using the trail were mostly going clockwise, whereas other hikers we came across were mostly going counterclockwise.

    Be sure to note the changes in elevation, if going clockwise, the climb around the 5.5-mile mark can be steep for some (probably why this trail is rated as difficult and why most hikers we encountered were going the other way, although I would rate this as moderate).

    We did not bring our dog on this hike and we're glad we didn't. Lots of sharp rocks, some aggressive climbs and the usual cactus/thorns you'd expect on or near a desert trail. Also with the mountain bike traffic, even our leashed dog would likely be an added obstacle.

    Otherwise a nice afternoon hike.

    Wilderness Wanderers completed San Tan Loop Trail

    12 months ago

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Horton Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    One of our favorite hikes to date. A very nice trail which runs along Horton Creek, which is never far from view. The climb is gradual and the trail condition is mostly hardpacked earth with the exception of where some washes cross the trail. We went on a Sunday and caught some returning traffic from those who had hiked in and camped along the creek the night before. Plenty of day hikers, dogs, and wildlife (a white-tailed doe crossed the trail less than 25 meters from us).

    For you dog owners, the rocks in the wash sections are mostly rounded or avoidable, no steep climbs or jagged rocks to tear up soft paws.

    Plenty of views of the creek as it changes elevation and although we did not camp, various camping areas appear to be able to accommodate at least 10-12 campers.

    Wilderness Wanderers reviewed Water Ranch Trail

    12 months ago

    Nice getaway in the city, plenty of waterfowl to watch.

    Can get crowded on weekends.

    Wilderness Wanderers completed Horton Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    Wilderness Wanderers completed See Canyon Trail #184

    over 2 years ago

    Wilderness Wanderers completed Water Ranch Trail

    over 2 years ago

    Wilderness Wanderers added 4.16.16

    over 2 years ago