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    Danelle Wesley reviewed Lost Lake via Hessie Trail

    10 days ago

    Nice hike. It's a bit rocky the entire way up, but nothing unmanageable. Lost Lake is pretty with mountain views. Will definitely be back to check out some of the connecting trails.

    Danelle Wesley saved Lake Naylor

    18 days ago

    Danelle Wesley reviewed Kroenke Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Great day for a hike (6/10/17)! We got most of the way up, but then had to turn back at the river crossing. I'm assuming it was a crossing based on a carin and what looked like logs laid strategically across the water. The river was raging! We probably could've crossed, but because we've never hiked this trail before we weren't sure what the trail conditions were beyond that. Plus there's a good amount of snow remaining, which wouldn't be any issue except that it caves in near logs and water. Definitely excited to come back and try this trail later this summer. The road going up to the N. Cottonwood Creek trailhead isn't bad, only a couple deep grooves and scattered rocks.

    Danelle Wesley completed Kroenke Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Danelle Wesley completed Lily Mountain Trail

    10 months ago