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    trail running
    2 months ago

    Fantastic hike even in light rain. Do yourself a favor and beer left at the first intersection. It’s the steepest part so best to do it uphill rather than have to climb down it like I did. However, the best view on the loop is your reward after the early climb/rock scramble. Fellow trail runners, the AT stretch is great but the scramble is not the best for trail running. You’ll likely be walking that part.

    trail running
    5 months ago

    This was nice for a challenging and quiet run with only a couple other people using the trails. I ran it counterclockwise meaning that the views were all within the first couple miles. I’d do it in reverse next time. Trail is varied from non technical fire road to some very technical single track. The two overlooks are beautiful, and the trail is generally a mixture of serene woods and open meadows that keep the run fresh and interesting. If you’re feeling more, add the Snowden loop for an extra 3/4 of a mile or so. I’d happily run this trail again!

    trail running
    6 months ago

    Great trail for a morning run. Minimally technical terrain with only a few rocky spots and one narrow section allow for opening up a stride on the descent. The only downside is that the minimal shade makes it get hot quickly. Run the big loop to the summit clockwise (straight at junction) for a gentler downhill or counterclockwise (right at junction) for a steeper downhill but gentler uphill.

    Fantastic trail for running before or after work with beautiful views during a good part of the loop. Most of it is wide and not technical, but you’ll share it with mountain bikers as well, so keep that in mind and be alert.