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    Craig McC reviewed Duff Park 1

    3 months ago

    Craig McC completed Duff Park 1

    3 months ago

    Craig McC reviewed Rimrock and Morrison Trails

    3 months ago

    My first overnight backpacking trip. A group of 5 and a cool dog took the outer loop counterclockwise. The descent down to the reservoir was steeper than the ascent back out which seemed to more gradual. We hiked down to the reservoir and to the Morrison Beach/campground and had a beautiful lunch right on the water. We decided to keep moving and found a great camp site along the stream running along the Morrison loop. Lots of small stream crossings, a little mud (as it was raining heavy at times the second day on the way out) and some downed trees but relatively easy to stay on trail. Some cool big boulders along the way and fields of ferns along the top of the ridge. Probably only negative was that towards the end of our hike on the Morrison loop there was an area where gas wells were put in and lots of trees had been cut down. Otherwise a great first backpacking trip for a beginner.

    Craig McC completed Rimrock and Morrison Trails

    3 months ago