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    Member Since March 2016

    Courtney Ballou Pro-red@3x

    Virginia Beach, Virginia 

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    Courtney Ballou completed Fridley Gap Trail

    10 months ago

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    10 months ago

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    10 months ago

    Courtney Ballou reviewed Mason-Dixon Trail

    10 months ago

    We chose to start the trail at the end of this route because the otter camp personnel mentioned some of the trail was washed away if your started the trail at the campground.

    This trail is not for those who are new to hiking. I would NOT recommend bringing dogs or kids.

    As this was our first true hike, we probably shouldn’t have started with mod/hard trail.

    1. The trail was marked very well, except one spot noted in the con section, which made it easy to follow.
    2. If you’re concerned about water sources, as of today (sep 2018) there were so many many spots to get water you shouldn’t let that worry you. In the 7ish miles we made it through there were 3-4 spots to stop to get water. But you will need a purifier.

    1. At one spot the trail enters a wooded area and we spent at least 30-45 min just trying to get back to the trail. Thankfully someone placed quite a number of blue blazes but it was rather disheartening to be turned around. Really glad I had this app to help work as a compass.

    2. Spiderwebs. Everywhere.

    3. The switchback we experienced was dreadful.

    4. Spiderwebs. Did I mention those?

    5. If you have a plan to stay the night in a tent this also doesn’t seem to be the trail to do that as most of the trail is on the edge of a hill or washed away. We did find one spot that had promise but would have to have backtracked to get there.

    6. Spiderwebs.

    Overall. Not a bad first hike but we decided to bail around mile 6-7 and caught an Uber back to our car. I think took too big of a bike this first hike, so the next couple will be shorter and a lot easier.

    Definitely a HARD trail!!!!

    Courtney Ballou completed Mason-Dixon Trail

    10 months ago

    Courtney Ballou added Taylor river hike

    11 months ago