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    Corey Cummings reviewed The Pohono Trail from Inspiration Point

    5 months ago

    The trail is entirely up hill. Very difficult! There are many water sources on trail if you pack a filter. The views are not matched anywhere. If you are looking for a challenge this is definitely the one.

    Ensure you pack: Bear spray, water filter, camera, bags to carry out your mess, and pack light.

    We started our hike at around 1:30am because our GPS lost signal and we could not find the trail head. We packed for an overnight and we were glad we did. It took us about an hour per mile because the hike is intensely up hill. I was glad to pack a water filter because we ran out of water very fast. The trail is easy to follow and there are many readily made camp sites not too far from the trail. The views of Yosemite are amazing from up there. We took many good pictures. We woke up and found a bear lazily walking along the ridge below our camp. They are very common along the trail so make plenty of noise and know what to do if you approach one. All in all the trail was one of the top ten hikes I have completed. A must see, I will definitely visit again soon.

    Corey Cummings reviewed South Sister Summit

    5 months ago

    This trail is very hard. If you are looking for challenge this is it. We made it to about 8,800ft before we turned around.

    Make sure you have the following items:

    Bug spray, sunscreen, hat/visor/beanie, glasses/goggles, long sleeve breathable shirt, gloves, water proof shoes/boots, water filter, hiking stick.

    If you have all of these items and start the summit before the sun rises, you should make it up the trail easily.

    We started at 10:42 and turned around at about 3pm. The sun and mosquitoes ate us alive. Around 12pm the snow blindness started hitting us, and at around 1pm we ran out of water. Additionally, try and set markers to follow your trail back. We ended up veering off trail and faced a cliff during our return! Had to back track... made for a good time. We packed too heavy, expecting an overnight but this climb can be done in around 6hrs in and back if you pack light and smart.

    We will meet again South Sister! We are going to try to summit again this year.

    Corey Cummings completed South Sister Summit

    5 months ago

    Corey Cummings saved Lake Natoma Trail

    about 1 year ago