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    Connor White added Seattle Trip

    3 months ago

    Connor White completed Cerro Grande Trail

    6 months ago

    Connor White reviewed Sunday Gulch Trail

    12 months ago

    A narrow, moderately-difficult trail that rewards hikers willing to looks closer for the details.

    Both sides of the trail are fairly steep, but one side has you scrambling over granite boulders (and white-knuckling the hand-rails), closely guarded by the cliffs, while the other winds between ponderosa pines and has a couple views out into the rest of the hills.

    It lacks sweeping views, and its proximity to the road may occasionally disturb the peace, but this trail shines in the details. Tiny wildflowers, flecks of moss, and busy insects dot the trail with color. Reward yourself after this hike with a spot at the lake.

    Connor White completed Sunday Gulch Trail

    12 months ago

    Connor White reviewed Castle Trail

    12 months ago

    The best hike in the Badlands.

    Being the longest trek, you have most of the trail entirely to yourself, giving you plenty of opportunities to soak in the Badlands unique geology and character. It carries you under the shadow of rocky spires and along endless stretches of golden prairie. There is shade to be found, but only if you start early/late enough in the day to let the sun sit on one side of the rocks. Even then, in the hotter months, this trail can be draining, so bring plenty of water.

    It's not as spectacular as some of the formations you pass through on the Scenic Loop drive, but the Castle Trail is easily the most expansive and enjoyable hike in the Badlands.

    Connor White completed Castle Trail

    12 months ago

    Connor White reviewed Indian Garden to Colorado River

    12 months ago

    *Technically a required portion for those who are hiking rim-to-rim, but a must-do for those camping in Indian Garden*

    A sobering, monumental hike.

    This stretch from the Inner Canyon to the heart of the Colorado River reminds you of the Grand Canyon's sheer size and breadth. It's not full of sweeping vistas, as much of the trail consists of tight switchbacks along the canyon wall, but it's well worth it to sit along the beach and water the river thunder on by.

    As with the rest of the Canyon, bring more than enough water and food in the hotter months. You'll need to keep salts and electrolytes replenished, but with a filter you can refill your water from the river.

    We watched the medical evac helicopter pass by three times as we sat by the river; a reminder that the Canyon is just as dangerous as it is beautiful.

    Connor White reviewed Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point Trail

    12 months ago

    Absolutely stunning!

    The descent into the inner canyon was split into roughly 3 sections, based off the rest-houses and layers of rock. It's somewhat steep and can become more difficult to traverse if it has rained recently, so strong shoes are a must.

    Past Indian Garden Campground, there's so much open space it's easy to forget you're actually in the canyon. The trail winds around a few low hills, past prickly pear and barrel cacti. The view from Plateau Point is incredible, regardless of weather or if the river's running muddy.

    Connor White reviewed Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

    12 months ago

    An excellent, lively hike.

    The first half leads you along the creek and the mountain valleys. It's lively and bursting with sound and color. The caves themselves are a great place to relax, picnic, and chat with other hikers.

    The second portion is steeper, with plenty of breathtaking views out into the mountains. If it's rained, be very careful when crossing some of the rockier parts of the trail.

    You won't need to bring as much water as you normally would, as LeConte Lodge has water available, although I'm unsure if it's year-round.

    It's popular for a reason, so expect lots of people on weekends and holidays. But we still had plenty of the trail to ourselves at times.

    Connor White reviewed Feldtmann Lake Loop Trail

    12 months ago

    *We only completed the portion from Windigo to Feldtmann Lake as that was where we were camping for the duration of our stay.*

    A subtle, intimate hike. It doesn't cross the island, so you're even less likely to run into anyone else (in exchange for fewer overlooks/views out into the island). The Grace Creek Overlook at about 2 miles is especially beautiful, and really the only steep/strenuous part of our hike. The first portion from Windigo takes you along the lakeshore over gnarled roots, while further inland you pass through sections of spruce and enormous ferns.

    The 8 mile stretch from Windigo to Feldtmann also puts you close to the .8 mile hike to Rainbow Cove, with a breathtaking panorama of the water.

    We spotted 3 Moose during our 3 day, 2 night stay, so hopefully others get just as lucky!

    Connor White completed Feldtmann Lake Loop Trail

    12 months ago