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    Member Since June 2019

    Connie Campos

    Arlington County, Virginia 

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    Connie Campos reviewed Big Devil Stairs Trail

    7 days ago

    I would recommend this trail if venturing from another trail as a side trip. A great surprise to get the overlooks! Saw ticks on the rocks but I wasn’t bit and had decent bug spray and came across a rattlesnake under one of the boulders. It seemed tired and cold so never rattled. Short steep section and some slippery rocks but not for long. Good primitive camp site near Marshall Loop junction.

    Connie Campos reviewed Mount Marshall Loop via Appalachian Trail

    7 days ago

    Trail had a couple of overlooks that were gorgeous! But I did the entire loop with Big Devil’s Stairs and had difficulty finding the Peak trail on the south side of the loop. Ended up skipping it. My favorite part was between the Gravel Springs hut and the peaks. More elevation, good views, more nice hikers to meet. Water sources are best between waterfall branch and Jordan river and at the hut. Other parts listed from my Falcon Guide were pretty dry and it was the day after a storm. I backpacked this over two days. Meant for it to be a 2.5 day easy trip but the trail didn’t have much elevation change and I was able to cover 22mi (with side trails) in 22hrs (one night stay). Super easy compared to the Smokies AT and Old Rag. Some downed trees but not difficult to go around/climb over/under. I decided to trek through so quickly because after a while the trail seemed monotonous. Saw a rattlesnake off of Big Devils Stairs under a boulder, saw ticks in ground/rocks and came across some deer. Didn’t get any ticks, but I also sprayed all over my boots and legs. Some parts of high grass and I wore shorts. Very shaded route. Decent primitive campsite at Big Devils Stairs.