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    Member Since June 2013

    Colin Heffernan Pro-red@3x

    West Hartford, Connecticut 

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    Colin Heffernan reviewed Chatfield Hollow Loop

    25 days ago

    Fun hike with some good scrambling! I took my 4 year old lab mix and the bouldering was just at his limit so if you have an older puppo, this might be a bit much.

    Colin Heffernan reviewed Hermit Gulch Trail to Lone Tree Point

    28 days ago

    Fantastic views, can definitely be a challenge if you're not used to hiking in an arid climate with little tree cover. Bring lots of water!

    Colin Heffernan added To Do List

    28 days ago

    Colin Heffernan reviewed Pattaconk Reservoir

    about 1 month ago

    Colin Heffernan completed Pattaconk Reservoir

    about 1 month ago

    Colin Heffernan reviewed Turtle Creek Wildlife Area

    10 months ago

    Great loop for a hike alone or with the kids. I took mine (4 and 8) and they handled it with no problems. Great access to the river with lovely views.