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    Member Since September 2015

    DeeDee LaTurtle Pro-red@3x

    West Hollywood, California 

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    DeeDee LaTurtle reviewed Fryman Canyon Trail

    about 10 hours ago

    Great way to get a quick 3-Mile Trail run in. There is water and bathrooms at both the Laurel Canyon parking lot as well as at Tree People at the top so you can start from either side. Pavement can eat up your trail shoes but given that it isn’t technical, older trail shoes or plain old running shoes will work just fine.

    DeeDee LaTurtle reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    about 11 hours ago

    Did it in the deep snow in Winter 2019 in just trail running gear. Got to within 1/4 miles of the Summit and decided to turn back as folks with snowshoes were coming down saying the winds were 45+ mph and a storm was headed in. The trail was super easy to follow in the snow going up but more difficult on the return as flutties began to cover the path. Used my Garmin Forerunner to breadcrumb my way safely back. It was beautiful in the winter. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the Spring/Fall I see people who have marked the trail as rocky and scramble. I didn’t see any of that so perhaps it’s in the final pitch or all of that was covered under the snow.

    DeeDee LaTurtle added Activity July 19, 2019

    about 22 hours ago