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    Member Since October 2018

    Clay Thompson

    New York City, New York 

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    Clay Thompson reviewed Borrego Palm Canyon

    3 months ago

    We walked from our hotel (Palms at Indian Head) and that added maybe 20 mins to the hike. Overall, it's an easy hike. We didn't see sheep today. At 8a on a Sunday when we started, the parking lot was mostly full, but the trail didn't feel too packed. It's long enough that we spent plenty of time alone on the trail. By 10a when we were finishing though, there was an incredibly steady stream of people. Didn't look nearly as enjoyable.

    Also, the palm oasis itself is closed due to flooding. We did not cross through out of respect to let nature rebuild itself.

    Regardless, the hike is beautiful and well worth it!! Lots of flowers out now.

    Bring sturdy shoes as lots of rocks, sand and crossing the stream.

    Clay Thompson completed Borrego Palm Canyon

    3 months ago

    Clay Thompson reviewed Fonts Point

    3 months ago

    We did NOT hike this trail, but instead drove up it. We didn't see any hikers, but it would be an easy hike unless dealing with dust made by cars. The road is sandy and dry, but we made it in our SUV. We only saw one sedan-type car and it didn't look like they were having fun!! View was worth it. Get there maybe 40-50 mins before actual sunset as we missed it arriving at the actual time.

    Clay Thompson completed Fonts Point OHV Trail

    3 months ago

    Clay Thompson saved Hellhole Canyon

    3 months ago

    Clay Thompson saved Wiessner Woods

    9 months ago