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    Member Since May 2019

    Chrystal Davis

    Turlock, California 

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    Chrystal Davis reviewed Hite Cove Road

    24 days ago

    Go during spring when the flowers are out. It's very beautiful. There are areas of no shade, so wear protection. I love hikes with natural flowing water and there was a nice area to sit on the rocks near the water to eat lunch before going back. A group of us continued past that point. Be careful of poison ivy.

    Chrystal Davis completed Hite Cove Road

    24 days ago

    Chrystal Davis reviewed Cataract Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Gorgeous hike! I loved all of the streams and the waterfall. It's a small one but still beautiful. The stairs were a little too much for me, but I pushed through them. At the top was a nice picnic area to take a break before going back down.

    Chrystal Davis completed Cataract Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Chrystal Davis reviewed Manoa Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Nice trail and waterfall, but was difficult due to the muddy trail and some of the steps were difficult to climb because the sediment was washed away and some rocks in the way. I'm in good health and ok shape, but still needed a walking stick and I would recommend one too just in case. the area by the waterfall is minimal and had high traffic. I went with a tour group called Nature and You and the tour guide knew the area very well and explained how Jurassic Park and other films were shot on that location. I would recommend going to see the rainforest up close but not overdoing it. Kid friendly hike. Wear decent shoes unless you want to slide around in flip-flops like some people I saw.

    Chrystal Davis completed Manoa Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Chrystal Davis reviewed Lodi Lake Nature Trail

    24 days ago

    It's an easy trail that's flat. I really want to go kayaking next time. It's close to home so a nice getaway for a couple hours or however long I want to stay. I love seeing the animals. It would be a good trail to take kids. There's mild to moderate traffic.