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    Christy Líf Pro-red@3x

    Sacramento, California 

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    Christy Líf reviewed Pyramid Peak Trail

    3 days ago

    Wonderful HARD hike. Two of us in good shape (I had just completed the 16.6 mile Grand Canyon rim-to-river-to-rim in a day, for reference) took 7.5 hours to go up and down, granted with diversions from the trail and many breaks. It is, indeed, only 7.5 miles for the main hike. The lake photos you see are if you decide to go off-trail and take the extra 1.5 mile or so to get to them. There is lots of green and running streams that is not apparent in all the summit pictures. The final ascent is a scramble which is also FUN but requires some sure-footedness. Strongly recommend; would do again.

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