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    Christy D

    Detroit, Michigan 

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    Christy D reviewed Mount Yale Summit Trail

    7 days ago

    My husband and I chose this incredibly beautiful day today, July 10, 2019, to hike Mt. Yale. FYI, we’re in our mid-sixties, but very fit “flat landers” who have summitted several 14ers’ in the recent past. Yale features wild flowers here and there, roaring streams to cross only by downed logs (a blast - though nail-biting), shade throughout the woods, snow fields (a few) and OMG! Endless rocks and boulders. But a 14er! No surprise. The ascent proved to be challenging yet doable, until our lack of acclimation to the altitude showed it’s ugly face. This was only our third day in Buena Vista. We’re grateful we arrived within striking distance to the summit, but failed with less than half mile to go.
    Totally attempt this rewarding hike, but be prepared for the combination of distance spiced with a summit of over 14,000 feet. Some hikers use hiking poles which appear in places to make for an easier trip. When bouldering, etc. I’m unsure how they balance body, backpack, and poles. Of course, lots of water, snacks, and a partner provide comfort and
    support. So have a blast. Very exhausting today yet satisfying experience with, unfortunately no summit.

    Christy D completed Mount Yale Summit Trail

    7 days ago

    Christy D added brown cty state park; indiana

    about 2 years ago