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    Christopher Sienza reviewed Ouzel Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    This is not a "bang for your buck" kind of hike, like the big name hikes out of the main RMNP east entrance. I ran into several tourists near the entrance who seemed disappointed with the hike. Instead this is a hike for solitude and being in the wilderness. Really nice water features along the hike and pristine woodland. If you need some peace and quiet then this is your hike.

    We clocked 8.25 miles accounting for the extra 2 miles (1 each way) due to the winter parking lot as well as some wandering around the falls. we had snowshoes but never used them, however I suggest having them right now just in case. The waterfalls will be a lot more exciting in a month or so.

    Christopher Sienza completed Ouzel Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Deer Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    Great trail for getting grand views of most of the northeastern side of RMNP. For those acclimated and in good shape this will be a nice leisurely hike to the summit with just a little push the last 10% or so. For out of state visitors not acclimated this will be challenging, but doable with a good pace and some perserverence.

    The good news is that you do not need to do the entire trail to benefit from all of the views. Even doing half of the hike will get you a lot of payoffs!

    Currently the trail is a mix of mud and intermittent snow/ice. Traction is not essential but you would probably be glad to have it, especially on the descent. We wore yak trax for the first half of the way down, and after taking them off I did slip a good number of times.

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Bluffs Regional Park Trail

    3 months ago

    This trail is perfect for what it is - a short leisurely walk with some nice views close to south Denver. We love to hit this after work with the dogs to catch a sunset (pictures uploaded of some of the better ones). Obviously can't compare to real mountain hikes, but when you don't have the time to drive an hour into the mountains (or don't want to deal with the traffic) it's a great easy local option.

    Christopher Sienza saved Blanca Peak

    3 months ago

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Stanley Mountain Trail

    6 months ago

    Did this hike 2 weekends ago. Conditions were still very good. Most of the snow was encountered before the treeline in the first 1.25 miles. Leaving early when the temps are down can save you some postholing with firmer snow, otherwise you may struggle. Still, I wouldn't say snowshoes are necessary right now because once you gain the ridge there is little to no snow the remaining 2.25 miles.

    Expect cold temps and strong winds for this portion, pretty standard for 12k feet on December. Views are incredible - see pictures.

    Overall I loved this hike and feel it is often overlooked, like the Berthound Pass area in general. Highly recommend! Follow me on IG @seesienza for more colorado trail pictures.

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Flatirons Vista Trail

    7 months ago

    Beautiful hike with minimal effort. We did the loop down into the valley and then around to the other side of 93 (clockwise). Lots of exposure so wear your sunscreen. Only knock on this trail is that there is a lot of bike traffic. This is really only a problem as you descend into the canyon because the trail is narrow and it can be difficult to move out of the way. Otherwise, awesome!

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Apex Park Enchanted Forest Trail

    7 months ago

    This was not really a great hike for me. First the volume of mountain bikers can be pretty annoying. I've been on many trails that share with bikes and are fine. but there are a lot of narrow steep parts on this trail where it can be difficult to get out of the way. And the frequency can be such that you are stepping aside for bikes almost every other minute the entire hike. All of that could be forgivable of the views were there but overall I thought it was just an average trail for views too. The Forrest section is nice but is only a fraction of the overall hike. I greatly prefer Eldorado Canyon or the Table Top trails if looking for something within 30 mins of here. Flat Irons Vista is another great option.

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Plymouth Mountain Trail

    7 months ago

    An okay hike, and can be very pleasant in wild flower season. Not a ton of impressive views but it is accessible and enjoyable. There are better hikes in the area for me, like any in Roxborough or Spruce Mountain a little further south.

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Mount Flora Trail

    7 months ago

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Chief Mountain Trail

    7 months ago

    Love this trail for a number of reasons. It is only an hour from Denver. You approach the peak from the east face which means that most of the time you are shielded from the intense winds - first in the forrest and then from the summit itself towards the top. Finally, it is probably one of the best effort to payoff ratios on the front range. I rate it as a harder easy, but the views at the top are breathtaking. I counted seven 14ers from the summit and probably missed a couple. Highly recommend.

    Just remember that it is over 10k feet so expect normal high altitude conditions - cold, high winds, exposure. So confused to see people in tennis shoes and hoodies on this trail. Watched several slips/falls and several folks looked quite cold!

    Christopher Sienza reviewed Jasper Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Great trail but conditions are getting tough for hiking. A lot of ice patches in the early going, several water crossings, and deep snow after the end of the devil's thumb bypass loop. Water proof boots and yak trax are pretty much mandatory, and snowshoes will make life a LOT easier on the back half. Views are totally worth it but be prepared for a challenging hike to get them! Conditions are much more manageable on the front half so a viable alternative would be to take the bypass trail and then loop back on the loop (counter clockwise) to lost lake.