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    Member Since July 2018

    Christopher LeBlanc Pro-red@3x

    Warwick, Rhode Island 

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    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed George B. Parker Woodland Trail

    14 days ago

    Went first week of June. Parked in lot 2. The directions on all trails will take you to lot 1. Lot 2 is about 1/4 mile down on same road. Well maintained trail. Scenic areas with wonderful views and crossings of the brook. Can make trail as short as 2 miles and as long as 7.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Moraine Loop and Old Pasture Loop

    21 days ago

    Great trail. We parked at 112 lot. Trail maps. Peaceful. Many birds. Perfect nature trail. Enjoyed in May. Sad to see so many dying oaks from gypsey moths. Well maintained. Lots of options to extend or shortcut your length of hike. Great nature conservancy trail.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Browning Mill Pond & Tefft Hill

    about 1 month ago

    Went in early May. Was a rainy day but a great trail. Found a few geocaches in the area around trails. Many water crossings and well maintained trail. Plenty of parking.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Maxwell Mays

    2 months ago

    Audubon society trail. No dogs. Well marked. Amazing large rocks. A few water crossings. Walk past Carr pond and an old chimney. Trail about 3.25 with white and yellow loop. The 4.5 is if you also walk the blue biway trails. Will be back.

    Christopher LeBlanc completed Maxwell Mays

    2 months ago

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Tillinghast Pond Loop

    2 months ago

    Well marked. Well marked trail with many scenic viewpoint options. Additional trails can be added if looking for longer hike. Found a geocache. Bathroom in parking lot. One of my favorites. Well maintained and overall perfect family hike.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Breakheart Pond Loop via Hicks Trail

    2 months ago

    Smooth trail. Wonderful views.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Stepstone Falls via Ben Utter Trail

    3 months ago

    Great trail. Wonderful views. Connects with a few other trails including the River trail and can reconnect with Ben Utter. Went mid March and falls were roaring. Enjoy.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Mount Tom and Bald Hill Brook Trail

    3 months ago

    Went at the end of March. Lots of connecting trails. Some elevation up and down. Well marked but due to connecting trails make sure to have a map. On north south trail near parts. Can park at church across street and cross road. Trail head about 150 feet up on left. Enjoy !

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Fort Barton/Sin and Flesh Brook Trail

    3 months ago

    Went in early March. Packed snow on trail. Well marked and great views. Found a geocache. Good parking at two different spots and trail maps on site. Multiple trails to add on or cut through. Red trail loop is main trail. Fort Barton tower at beginning of trail and provides great views of the bay. Will def be back again. Bring micro spikes if in winter. Quite icy.

    Christopher LeBlanc saved Mount Grace

    4 months ago

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Tri State Marker Loop

    4 months ago

    Well marked. Tri State marker about halfway through. Also bi State marker at beginning. Use map or you could get off on another trail that connects at beginning. Two geocaches on the trail. Great trail to reach tri State marker. Great state park as well. Went in winter and was still well maintained and good parking.

    Christopher LeBlanc reviewed Peppercorn Hill

    4 months ago

    Sunday morning in February. Was icy and micro spikes worked perfectly. Would recommend using them or something similar in winter. Well maintained, marked, and variety of water crossings. 2.5-3 miles depending on small add on options. A couple geocaches around. Peaceful.

    Christopher LeBlanc completed Peppercorn Hill

    4 months ago