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    Member Since September 2019

    Christine Kiermas

    Brian Head, Utah 

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    Christine Kiermas reviewed Lower Emerald Pool Trail

    2 days ago

    Paved trail makes this hike doable for all levels of skill. Spotted a rattlesnake along the trail.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Parowan Gap Dinosaur Footprints Trail

    3 days ago

    If the only reason you are stopping at this trail is to see dinosaur footprints don't bother unless you have a very good imagination. How these footprints were ever discovered is beyond me.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Point Imperial

    4 days ago

    This is a short hike to a outstanding outlook. Well worth the 11 mile drive from the North Rim Visitors Center. Point Imperial at an elevation of 8803.

    Christine Kiermas completed Point Imperial

    4 days ago

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Brian Head Peak Trail

    5 days ago

    Wonder views. You are almost in the clouds. It takes longer to drive the 3 miles up the gravel road than to walk the summit. Bet it is beautiful in the spring with alpine flowers.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Bristlecone Pine Trail

    5 days ago

    A must see before the Pine Beetles destroy these ancient Bristlecone Pines. Very easy hike.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Parowan Gap Petroglyphs Trail

    6 days ago

    At first we thought we were lost. There are no signs along the way. Trip was well worth the drive. Very interesting.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Hidden Haven Waterfall

    6 days ago

    This trail is no longer rated easy by the Wildlife Management. Our advice is to turn around when the terrain becomes difficult for your hiking level. We did enjoy this wooded nature trail.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Natural Arch

    6 days ago

    Visited Valley of Fire Sept 7th. I recommend seeing this natural wonder early in the day. Extremely hot midday temps prevented us from see much away from our car. Would love to return in the spring/early summer.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Petroglyph Canyon via Mouse's Tank Trail

    6 days ago

    Extremely hot temperatures kept us from completing this short trail. I made the ultimate error and wore sandals. Felt like I was walking on fire as the temperature was 106 degrees! Petroglyphs were easy to find.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Point Supreme Overlook Trail

    6 days ago

    The views are breathtaking. At first sight it looks unreal. Couldn't stop taking pictures. Very easy walk even at that altitude.

    Christine Kiermas reviewed Alpine Pond Trail

    6 days ago

    This was our first hike after arriving. Had a bit of trouble adjusting to the altitude but paced ourselves and did fine. Pond is crystal clear and peaceful. Only came upon one group of hikers so enjoyed the serenity. Do the lower trail first as the climb will be easier going up the upper trail. So glad we did this hike.