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    I'm biased because we got eaten alive by horseflies. But I wasn't in awe of the scenery by any means. It was just ok for me.

    Tough hike but super fun! Climbed up some of the boulders like we were rock climbing which I thought was cool. I wasn't blown away by the views but it was a different landscape which was pretty neat.

    Very tough, rugged hike. I wasn't blown away by it, but my boyfriend thought the ecosystems were cool and enjoyed it. I was just meh.

    Pretty views of Cadillac Mountain across the water, but why is it $6 to park? It's a tiny park with a parking lot and that's about it...

    Everything in Acadia is beautiful but I wasn't really blown away by any means. Still a nice hike.

    6 months ago

    I loved this hike! I found it difficult but beautiful. I love a hard uphill climb and this sure delivers! Gorgeous views from the summit!

    Definitely a cool hike...but I don't like where the summit sign is because I've seen people turn right back around because there's not much of a view if you come up from the Goat Trail due to tall trees. If you come up that way like I did, KEEP GOING and finish the loop because the killer views are all virtually past the summit marker!

    I thought this was beautiful in terms of the views on the way up and from the top. I also liked the view of Bald Peak from the summit.

    Do not go here after rain like I did and nearly kill yourself. Super steep and not heavily traveled. I literally almost died as the rocks were slippery from the rain the day before!

    I love this mountain. The pines against the bouldering hills looks like something out of a movie. Beautiful landscape!

    Definitely a steep climb in either direction, but the views are killer!

    Easy but cool! Bubble rock is iconic and it was fun to check off of my essentials of Acadia list.

    Ridiculously beautiful hike! This is one of my favorite mountains of all time.

    6 months ago

    Meh...not a fan. Super easy but the pond left me saying meh.

    Stellar views! I felt like I was in another country--like the Scottish hillside because of the rockiness. Beautiful hike!

    6 months ago

    One of my favorites hikes of all time. The pink granite amongst the falls are heavenly.

    I love hard uphill hiking so this was perfect for me. Very challenging but super fun to climb the ladders!

    Easy, beautiful, and serene.

    6 months ago

    Absolutely unbelievable views of the Atlantic and of Sandy Beach. I saw an eagle fly overhead and climbed around pools of sea life during low tide. Love this!

    6 months ago

    Kid friendly for sure. Go early so that you can avoid all the foot traffic!

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