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    Christian Smith

    Fontana, California 

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    Christian Smith reviewed Borrego Canyon Trail to Red Rock Canyon

    3 months ago

    This was a very fun hike for my GF and I. This hike seemed to change as you progressed and made you feel like you were in a different world as it did. The scenery was beautiful and the hike was fairly easy. We came on a hot day and there were a couple rattlesnake sightings from other hikers on our way to red rock. As we almost reached the red rock we did come to a point where there was a small puddle you had to cross to continue further and that puddle had a swarm of bees that seemed to be drinking the water and just buzzing around the area. Only way to continue was to literally walk through them so my GF and I decided to take the risk and made it through successfully (which was a huge feat as she is terrified of bees). On our way back out we had to cross that puddle again and that was not fun. I did get stung once but shockingly it wasn’t from crossing that puddle. All that being said the hike didn’t disappoint and I was glad we made the trip.