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    Member Since May 2011

    Christian Burwell

    Yucca Valley, California 

    Lucky to live in Yucca....A true outdoor playground....
    As I play I also love to learn...especially about our history ..
    I have the utmost respect for the Morongo basin's mining heritage... With every mine that goes through the JTNP reclamation process we lose all the American history with it...All the men women a children who where brave enough to Homestead within this hostile land, Mining as an occupation was not choice but the only way to make ends meet...Its not like Los Angeles was oceans away, as many of the homesteaders found out quickly that this was not the life for them and quit for more easy, contemporary lifestyle...
    But then there those who choose to make a life here...taking advantage of the Jack Rabbit Tract Act, building primitive rustic shacks on government issued land. Land without electric, heat and in some cases no well eater, they still where proud to call this place home.
    The true downfall was there where no jobs available....The mines where all they had and in many ways was all they wanted...Unlike today, materialistic greed hadn't stained there hearts like it has OUR generation....a life of honor for what they had and respect for what was given....
    This was the final frontier....only 100 miles east divided them from electricity, indoor plumbing and gas driven heat...but noticing that this was the divided line between the frontier and a government ran society, they choose Freedom.
    There legacy doesn't deserve to be destroyed by pansies like the Sahara Club (purposely misspelled) or special interest groups...who don't know crap about history but yet are ready to bury the foundation of an era that is responsible for so much...
    I believe in protection of lands and nature, but I really do believe that there are a hell of a lot more issues dramatically effecting our planet NOW than worrying about some weekend prospector panning for gold or dry-washing.. OHV riders for instance.."Tread Lightly"???? Drive Lightly???

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