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    Chris Steinig saved Blue Lakes Waterfall

    about 1 month ago

    Chris Steinig saved Crystal Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Chris Steinig saved Chicago Lakes Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Chris Steinig saved Tanglewood Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Chris Steinig reviewed Missouri Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Great trail with a variety of scenery from meadows, to waterfalls, small gorges, alpine lakes, streams etc. We camped at the larger lake, it looked like there were 1 or 2 other groups there and a couple more at the lower lake.

    Chris Steinig completed Missouri Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Chris Steinig reviewed Devil's Head Lookout Trail to Fire Tower

    3 months ago

    Quick hike, not too steep and surprisingly great views!

    Chris Steinig reviewed Herman Gulch Trail

    3 months ago

    Chris Steinig completed Herman Gulch Trail

    3 months ago

    Chris Steinig reviewed Rainbow Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Overall it's not a trail I'd be super excited to get back to or take anyone to, but it was a nice short hike with shade most of the way. The final lakes/ponds are pretty with some views of the surrounding ridges. The lakes are small with quite a few people crowded around fishing or lounging. The first lake you pass is mosquito heaven and pretty yucky.

    Chris Steinig completed Rainbow Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Chris Steinig reviewed Mount Sherman Trail

    3 months ago

    This was my 2nd 14’er (Bierstadt was the other) and the first for my son and sister who was visiting from sea level. We hit the trailhead at 9:00am on the first Sunday in August. There were quite a few others hiking, but most on their way down.

    It took us a bit under 2.5 hours to summit with a number of pauses. The ridge was super windy, but it was quiet at the top with great views of Leadville, Turquoise lake in the distance as well as the surrounding mountains despite the fire haze. Hiking poles helped as there is plenty of loose rock and ankle twisters to hike across on the way up.

    There are a lot of cool abandoned mines and mining equipment to look at right near the trailhead. That can make the bumpy drive worth taking even if you don’t complete the full summit.

    It sprinkled a little on our hike and was cold near the top so we were happy to be prepared with rain and warmth layers. I saw a number of hikers who weren’t as prepared.

    I agree it’s a great first 14er due to the short distance of the hike, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still a climb at altitude and my legs were complaining afterwards!

    Chris Steinig reviewed Eagle Cliffs via Mason Creek, Bear Paw, Old Mill and Staunton Ranch Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Nice trail with a few great views. There's some good diversity with hiking along a creek, along the ridge, through the forest as well as some meadows and the trail is wide packed dirt with only a few areas of loose rocks. The elevation gain is pretty gradual with only a couple steep areas.

    The lookout points are marked with signs (don't stop early for a break, the views from the marked areas are pretty great!). The old Mill is pretty well destroyed, but still very interesting to look at with some vehicle remains, a large saw mill and a still standing bunk house.

    It was a bit long for my 10 year old, but my 15 year old didn't have any problems with the elevation gain and length. I tracked this particular route at 9 miles.

    Chris Steinig reviewed Mount Evans Resthouse Trail

    9 months ago

    Only did a little more than a mile in to the first saddle on snowshoes. The snow was quite packed down from previous snowshoers/skiers. Snowshoes not totally required, but some form of spike/crampon would be useful. I took off the snowshoes for the hike back down hill. There was a cool little igloo city near the parking lot. It was quite cold and windy, but nice in the igloos!

    Chris Steinig reviewed Upper Cheesman Canyon Trail

    10 months ago

    Great hike. No snow or ice on the trail at all on 2-4-18. Great views due to the burn. Steep hike down and back up from the river with some loose gravel. I tracked 4.2 miles out to the river and back.

    Chris Steinig reviewed Lyons Overlook Trail

    10 months ago

    Short and easy hike, great for young kids, nice views.

    Chris Steinig completed Lyons Overlook Trail

    10 months ago

    Chris Steinig completed Evergreen Mountain Trail

    11 months ago

    Chris Steinig updated Corbin Cabin Loop

    over 1 year ago