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    Chris Rock saved Laramie Peak

    8 days ago

    Chris Rock added hallelujah hut hike

    14 days ago

    Chris Rock reviewed Poplar Gulch

    2 months ago

    Parked in St Elmo and walked up the road to TinCup Pass. Not a difficult hike, though the starting elevation (10k+) and gain make the first switchback climb a little harder. Much easier after that, at least until the high meadow where we stopped.

    Incredible overlook from the meadow (abt 3 miles in?), looking back south.

    In late spring, creek was flowing fast with runoff so it was a beautiful hike alongside it much of the way. With all the aspen I would think this would be nice in the fall as well.

    Chris Rock completed Poplar Gulch

    2 months ago

    Chris Rock reviewed Staunton Ranch and Bugling Elk Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Loved the 9-mile loop hike. Incredible views of Evans and Pikes Peak.

    Chris Rock added Mt Falcon

    3 months ago

    Chris Rock completed Mount Falcon Castle Trail

    3 months ago