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    Chris Paredes reviewed Goose Creek Trail

    2 months ago

    (6/9/17-6/10/17) Two friends and I went up 4 miles with gear to camp on night 1 and then day hiked to refrigerator gulch and back to the car on day 2. Very warm at night and super hot during the day. It felt good in the shade. Plenty of water in the main Goose Creek. We went up Goose Creek to Refrigerator Gulch and the small streams coming down to Goose Creek from the east are not flowing very strongly. Rely on Goose Creek for water. If you have a warm weather sleeping bag, bring it. I slept on top of my down bag for most of the night.
    Once you get on 211 (dirt road) from 126, it's a long and slow drive. It took us 40 minutes to hit the trailhead along the dirt road 211.
    There are plenty of camping spots along the trail, most of which will probably be taken on the weekend.
    The trailhead was very full on Saturday morning and many people parked along the road.

    Chris Paredes completed Goose Creek Trail

    2 months ago

    Chris Paredes reviewed Fourth of July Mine via Arapaho Pass Trail

    3 months ago

    Jordyn and others, how thick was the snow on the road up to the upper trailhead?

    Chris Paredes reviewed North Mount Elbert Trail

    3 months ago

    What do you think the conditions will be like over Memorial Day weekend? Anyone been up recently?
    How far from the summit is the snow still very dense?