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    Chris I

    Sunnyvale, California 

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    Chris I reviewed Packsaddle Cave Trail

    22 days ago

    Couldn't find the cave. Was over 90 degrees out and was running low on water so I had to turn around. There was a fork in the trail after a couple of stream crossings. The one to the left had a sign that read "Ridgecon Trail" and the right trail was umarked (assumed it was the continuation of Paddlesack). Hiked the right trail for what seemed like over two miles before i figured i had taken a wrong turn. Still not sure if I was headed in the right direction. Could anyone clarify this please?
    (Edit: If you hit the fork in the trail, you have gone too far!)

    Definitely a cool hike with some pretty stellar views but i would wait for a cooler day to try this as there's little shade. The trail isn't marked too well either and has some very steep sections so definitely not for beginners! look

    Chris I completed Packsaddle Cave Trail

    22 days ago