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    Chris Holdham added Wake Robin Trail

    10 months ago

    Chris Holdham completed Wake Robin Trail

    10 months ago

    Chris Holdham reviewed Hideout Hollow Trail

    10 months ago

    Beautiful day for a hike. This is a very sketchy drive to the head of this short hike. Paved hwy, to gravel road, to very narrow dirt road in the middle of no where. You will drive by little dwellings you might see in horror movies. Once you arrive you will wonder if you have, a small Hideout Hollow wooden sign greets you, on a very small patch of dirt to park your car. The hike is short and easy if you are in shape, I would say moderate if you are not in good shape. There are a couple steeper spots but nothing that bad. It's a fairly clearly walked path with some trees marked as well. In the middle of Oct there was only a trickle of water nothing resembling a waterfall. But all in all worth it.

    Chris Holdham completed Hideout Hollow Trail

    10 months ago