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    Member Since May 2019

    Cheryl Morris

    Belgrade, Montana 

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    Cheryl Morris reviewed Fairy Pools

    4 days ago

    Yes, there was lots of people but the fairy pools are beautiful and there is something new around every corner. It was great fun. You shouldn't miss it.

    Cheryl Morris completed Fairy Pools

    4 days ago

    Cheryl Morris reviewed The Old Man of Storr Circular Walk

    4 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful hike! The first part of the trail has been clear cut to get rid of invasive coniferous plants and then replant native broadleaf plants. If you're concerned about parking, delay your like until after 2 PM. There was loads of parking later in the afternoon. I was there earlier and parked a bit up the road and then hiked to the traihead. It wasn't a bother, I was there to hike anyway.

    Cheryl Morris reviewed Rubha nam Brathairean (Brother's Point)

    5 days ago

    To get to trailhead from car park.
    Go downhill along the road just past the first cottage on your left.
    Turn left into a driveway.
    You will see that the driveway splits-one way goes towards the cottage to your left. Go through the iron gate straight ahead of you. You are on the path. It's muddy in spots. Your best experience would be on a sunny day if you can manage it.

    Cheryl Morris reviewed Arthur's Seat

    12 days ago

    Absolutely stunning views! Mornings are better for hikers. Towards noon we started to see folks hiking that were dressed in things better suited to shopping in the city. It also got very crowded later in the day.

    Cheryl Morris completed Arthur's Seat

    12 days ago

    Cheryl Morris saved Arthur's Seat

    12 days ago

    Cheryl Morris saved Sypes Canyon

    2 months ago

    Cheryl Morris saved M Trail

    2 months ago