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    Member Since October 2019

    Chelsie Kathryn

    Sedona, Arizona 

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    Chelsie Kathryn reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    15 days ago

    We took everyone else advice and got up early. We were at the parking lost by 0745 and we were the 3rd to have to park on the street. Hike was awesome. Very easy for the first 2miles right until you have to get up to the actual bridge but that part wasn’t that bad either. We did have to give a hand for a few older people but everyone was very nice with taking turns for pictures. And trust me the bridge is a lot wider than what it appears lol beautiful hike. My advice would be get there early because on our way back there were a bunch of jeep tours, 4x4, and dirt bikers to watch out for.

    Chelsie Kathryn completed Devils Bridge Trail

    15 days ago