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    Charlotte Lee followed Allan Gass

    2 months ago

    Charlotte Lee completed Grinnell Glacier Trail

    2 months ago

    Charlotte Lee reviewed The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

    2 months ago

    You don't need special shoes, there are plenty of free sticks left by others at the entrance - save your money!!! Loved this hike! We went to Wall Street and found the entire trip a blast! It isn't difficult but a stick is almost required (I never use hiking sticks otherwise) because if you slip on a rock it is a great help and it also lets you test areas that might be deeper than you expect. We went early yet the initial part of the trip had quite a few people in the water but after the current picked up most of those people turned around. Then it was just a number of folks all having fun and we met great friends (even went out to lunch with a couple we met) . It was exhilarating getting to Wall Street, and there is a great place to have lunch and take in the beauty. I think our next trip we will get a permit and do the downstream but honestly, I have zero regrets going upstream our first time through! One last note, if there is no stick that is the perfect height for you, wait a moment because someone coming out of the river will pass on to you. Some folks only go in a few feet and then turn around. No need to buy shoes or sticks

    Charlotte Lee reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    2 months ago

    This hike was so exciting I can barely believe I did it but I am so happy I did. You literally couldn't slap the smile off my face for the rest of the day! It challenges you mentally, both my husband and I are scared to death of unprotected heights but this has been on my bucket list for years so despite some rain and the jitters we put one foot in front of the other all the way to the top! I will never, ever forget it. It is stunning at the top, we had a few rainfalls that morning and after a few pictures and several gasps at the beauty of the amazing place (360 views beyond belief) we saw lightening so we headed down. As we approached the bottom, it started to pour but we were so thrilled by the experience, and then, I kid you not, as we turned the corner to descend the trail leading to the base of the climb waterfalls started shooting out of all the walls, we are talking 50 or more waterfalls just shooting out of the canyon walls. It was like our personal fireworks for a job well done!! If you desire to do this DO IT! One foot in front of the other, your life will be forever changed. (we did go at a slow time, Mid September on a rainy day)

    Charlotte Lee completed Angels Landing Trail

    2 months ago

    Charlotte Lee reviewed Tryon Creek State Park Trail

    4 months ago

    Great "in town" trails, there are many more trails than just the 2.1 miles mentioned, I usually just wonder about allowing myself to just relax and enjoy the various trails and then after 3 miles or so I look at the trail map and figure out how to get back to the parking. The trails at the beginning are all well marked and also point to the nature center where the parking is located. Lots of bird and water sounds, recommend leaving headphones at home and there's way less people (like almost zero) if you get off the main trail. Also, try the trail over to Lewis and Clark, it's great - then a horse trail loops you back to the park

    Charlotte Lee reviewed Wind Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    This is a great hike that is hard enough to feel like you got some exercise but short enough to do on a day that you don't have time to hike a bunch of miles. The hike up is beautiful, some other reviews say the way up is nothing special but I disagree, the valleys and the hills to the right are pretty stunning and there are quite a few wild flowers (not like Dog Mountain but still lovely) and there are some rock pilings that add interest - at the top the views are pretty amazing. This view is a bit different than most of the gorge summits so it was quite fun to get a view from this perspective. I was lucky enough to meet a great family at the top and have some good conversation in addition to the beautiful views! I highly recommend- even though it is short- it's good

    Charlotte Lee completed Wind Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    Charlotte Lee reviewed Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    This was a lovely hike, mirror lake was absolutely gorgeous with great views of Mount Hood, the ascent to the top is a good workout but not so strenuous that it would eliminate anyone with moderate hiking experience. When you reach the top the views are really spectacular, there were 4 visible snow capped mountains the day I got up there. It is a great place to eat lunch or have a snack. The descent is also decent, not too taxing but still recommend good shoes. I saw folks playing and swimming on a little beach area of Mirror Lake, the next time I might wear something that I could splash around in on the way down. Also, if you have a dog, bring plenty of water because although early in the trail there are 2 creeks and a lake, the second half heading up to TDH has no water and the pups will get thirsty

    Charlotte Lee completed Superior Hiking Trail

    6 months ago