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    Charles Jeter completed Mount Columbia East Ridge Trail

    about 2 years ago

    Charles Jeter added Colorado 14k Peaks

    about 2 years ago

    Charles Jeter reviewed Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

    about 2 years ago

    Good hike, blazing a trail up the west side from a game trail kept me from getting bogged down crawling up the dirt slope others were scrambling.

    Charles Jeter completed Paradise Falls Trail

    about 2 years ago

    Charles Jeter completed Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

    about 2 years ago

    Charles Jeter reviewed William Heise Loop Trail

    about 2 years ago


    Charles Jeter reviewed Mission Trails - Climbers Loop Trail

    over 3 years ago

    For the purpose of this review, please assume that this hike is rated 5 stars for three reasons: its intermediate difficulty, its ease of access, and its beautiful views in the springtime.

    Just a quick stretch down the main road of MTRP - Father Junipero Drive - and you're at the base of a loop which will have your calves singing as you ascend. I recommend this hike for most people who bring friends on a hike because it's just short enough to get you out of trouble if your friends aren't as in shape as they thought they were, and just long enough to get a good workout in.

    Some of the challenges are rock scramble, and the first time I went on this hike I lost the trail three times (it was springtime, with things overgrown) so it could be blazed a bit better but that was part of the fun. Now I let my boys take lead on the hike - they know how to see and be cautious around rattlesnakes, which are a potential hazard anywhere in Mission Trails Regional Park at certain times of the year.

    Part of the fun is watching the climbers do their thing (pictures included).

    The 5 star comes from my repeated success on this hike for the basic conditioning of a skilled hiker, the orienteering and trail skill developments of young yet experienced child hikers, and the occasional out of town friend who wants to get out but has a timetable that prohibits a longer hike.

    Charles Jeter saved Deer Springs Trail

    about 5 years ago

    Charles Jeter completed Sunset Cliffs Park Trail

    over 5 years ago

    Charles Jeter updated South Fork Trail to Dry Lake Trail

    over 5 years ago

    Charles Jeter reviewed Dry Lake Trail

    over 5 years ago

    Late season backpacking into a wilderness area, with Redlands at 95 degrees we were experiencing 15 degree nights. No stranger to high altitude camping I brought layers, my girlfriend and I were in top condition but this hike was tough enough to brutalize two of our friends who came along. Former Marines, they had a few choice words to say about the hike and its altitude gains along with the temperature drop at nightfall. One that summed it up: extreme. All four of us were a few hours late to the trailhead so we ended up hiking the 6.5 miles most of the way in the dark. Headlamps are smart, trekking poles would have been smarter.

    The area was surreal - two of us hiked nearly all the way to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio and returned to a quiet night with no other campers in sight. The changing season made most of the weekenders think twice about staying two nights in three season tents and forty degree bags. We used one of the Marine's suggestions and put a space blanket over our foam mattresses, then a sleeping bag liner, then shared a 20 degree mummy bag with a bivvy sack on top - all inside the tent!

    Be aware there are wildlife corridors. With hunting season the deer aren't stupid; they hang around on the trails hoping not to get shot. With deer come mountain lions, so take smart precautions since this late season makes for a perfect storm of events - few hikers, lots of deer, and some trails heading off from Dry Lake will put your return facing downhill. We saw cat tracks which were hours old when going up the draw on a non-maintained trail from Lodgepole spring located close to Dry Lake.

    The return down the hill was beautiful. We had missed the truly awesome colors of the creek - I intend to bring a great SLR camera back and take stills. The switchbacks which had heralded such a tough evening two nights prior were much easier going back down, and the four mile stretch back to the South Fork trailhead was scenic and quiet. We talked of what real food we would eat first after our three days of camping fare. Of the hundred or so cars there on Saturday, on our return Monday ours was the only car. Do it again? You betcha!