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    Member Since June 2016

    Charles Wang Pro-red@3x

    Irvine, California 

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    Charles Wang reviewed Ralston Peak Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Headed up to Ralston Peak from Highway 50. The way to the Peak is clear of snow by now, just a steep hike up to the top. On the way back, explored the trail heading north to Lake of the Woods. That trail is covered in snow drifts in parts, and the snow is rapidly melting so punched through to the bottom more than a few times, but at Ralston Peak I had met a family who had come up that way, so the way is clearly traversable even if it takes some bushwacking to get around drifts and/or hunt for the trail. Tried to hike the "triangle" west of Ralston Peak, but found that the trail of the western side came to a meadow-made-marsh by melting snow, and a cliff face that's still covered in snow that I wasn't willing to attempt to climb, so gave up on that. But the way straight to Ralston Peak was clear, and the view from the top was impressive and well worth the effort!

    Charles Wang completed Ralston Peak Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Charles Wang added Ralston Peak (7/21/2019)

    about 1 month ago

    Charles Wang reviewed Echo Lake to Heather Lake and Susie Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Trail is clear from Echo Lake Chalet to Haypress Meadows. There are some lingering melting snow drifts throughout Haypress Meadows, but these are straightforward to traverse, especially with poles. At Haypress Meadows, there's a fork in the trail representing two ways to get to Lake Aloha: continue along the PCT to the right, or take another trail off to the left. The way to the left is still pretty wet and muddy with streams of snow runoff, whereas continuing on the PCT to the right is a much easier hike. On the PCT around Lake Aloha occasional snow drifts remain, but again these are not hard to cross. Finally, after the Rubicon Trail junction, the trail drops down the canyon towards Heather Lake. There are a couple of remaining snow drifts on the way down--straightforward to traverse with poles--and after those, a stream with pretty good flow criss-crosses the trail in some parts. Easy enough to cross without getting wet if you're careful, plus hiking the trail accompanied by the roar of the cascading water is quite a treat!