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    Member Since January 2019

    Charisa Martin Cairn Pro-red@3x

    Ridgefield, Washington 

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    Charisa Martin Cairn reviewed Maple, Overlook, Hawthorn and Walnut Loop

    10 days ago

    Beautiful-parking is a bit of a challenge but worth figuring out because thus is such a pretty walk.

    Charisa Martin Cairn added Cycling

    2 months ago

    Charisa Martin Cairn added completed

    4 months ago

    Charisa Martin Cairn reviewed Lake to Lake Trail, Red Tape Trail, Palmer Trail to Round Lake Loop

    4 months ago

    This was a delightful walk with our dog. There was some elevation so we got a good walk in. It was lovely to see the lake as we circumvented it.

    Charisa Martin Cairn added to walk

    5 months ago