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    Member Since July 2017

    Catherine Jordan

    Wasilla, Alaska 

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    Catherine Jordan reviewed Ben Nevis Via Youth Hostel Path

    7 days ago

    Hiked it on June 23rd, great weather and trail conditions! Ground and to summit in 2hr40min via the Youth Hostel trail. Trail is almost entirely stone-step style until the halfway point at the waterfall, then turns to switchbacks on loose rocks until you reach the summit. Great views of the surrounding glens, and be ready to encounter mountain sheep! While steep with constant elevation gain, nothing about this trail is inherently challenging-unless you decide to go off trail and scramble over the loose sections-and is suitable for all skill levels, there were even a fair amount of kids on the trail! If you can put one foot in front of the other, you can conquer this trail!

    Catherine Jordan added To Conquer

    7 days ago