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    Member Since April 2017

    Cassie Castrejon Pro-red@3x

    Oakland, California 

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    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Bay Area Ridge, Round Top Loop, and Volcanic Trail Loop

    9 days ago

    Hiked this trail with my pup. Pups are allowed off leash. I could see this trail being tough in the rain.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Dias Ridge and Redwood Creek Trail Loop

    27 days ago

    My partner and I took our pup on this hike. We went counter clockwise, which was a really nice relatively gentle incline for a couple miles. The views of the ocean on the way up were magic, and the lush forest settings on the way down were epic. There is a trail reroute because of bridge construction; which will require you to cross a creek about 10 wide, and deep enough to get your feet very wet. I really loved

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed East Ridge, Prince, Stream, Tres Sendas, French West Ridge

    about 1 month ago

    My partner and I took this stroll with our small pup and it was wonderful! Dogs are allowed off-leash in this route. There was a freshly hung tree swing in a clearing. There were some old wash out points along the trail, but easy to maneuver around. Lots of wildlife out and about, and flowers popping all over.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Lafayette Reservoir Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Took my pup on this trail. Word of caution, if your pup gets easily distracted by smells and other pups be ready to have a lot of patience or a backpack. My pup loves smelling all the smells, I was on a little bit of a time crunch and had to toss her in her K9 pack for most of the walk. It was absolutely beautiful and lots of good pup spotting. Fully paved route, could easily add some tougher miles with the outskirting trails. If you do not have an annual pass, there is a parking fee.

    Cassie Castrejon completed Lafayette Reservoir Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Cinderella, Sunset, Sequoia Bayview Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Took my pup on this was a gorgeous trail! Minimal traffic, very quiet, and peaceful. I would recommend going counter-clockwise of this trail as the gradual hike up was very doable.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Bort Meadow and Buckeye Trail to Grass Valley

    2 months ago

    Hiked this trail with my partner and pup. The views were super pretty, overall the hike was nice. I recommend going clockwise as the horseshoe trail is super steep and would be a pain to go up. The first half was super muddy, but the meadow views were well worth the trek.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Shell Ridge - Borgess Ranch Loop

    2 months ago

    Went out with my partner and our pups. This is a hidden gem,m. The ground was a little soft with the rain from a couple days ago. I highly recommend counter clockwise, as the hills going up that way are more spread out and kinder. We spotted deer, tadpoles, cows, goats and lots of birds. Everything was so lush and beautiful. This is also a shared trail with bicyclists. The foot and bike traffic even on a Saturday was so minimal which made for a lovely quite hike.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Bayview Trail and Meadowlark Trail Loop

    2 months ago

    I took my pup out with me on this hike. If you coming in through the entrance the fee is $5 for a car and $2 for a dog. I thought it was well with the fee, it was beautiful! Unfortunately a number of the trails near the water do not allow dogs. Due to that, my pup and I fooled an altered route where we went up red road trail, which provides a nice challenge and insanely magical views!

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Goldenrod Loop

    2 months ago

    Took my pup on this magical trail. I highly recommend going clockwise on this trail, the hills are much more gentle going that way. The trail starts out in eucalyptus tree groves. Once you hit the equestrian center, half way in, the trail dives into this beautifully shaded valley. Everything was especially lush in the second half of the hike as the trail hugged the creek.

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Bay View Marsh Trail

    2 months ago

    So gorgeous! The trail is mostly flat and hugs the water for the majority of the hike. There is canopy cover from the eucalyptus trees for about 40% of the hike. This is in my top five prettiest hikes I’ve been on in the east bay. It’s super accessible as well.

    Cassie Castrejon completed Bay View Marsh Trail

    2 months ago

    Cassie Castrejon reviewed Sunset, Sequoia Bay View and Chaparral Trail Loop

    2 months ago

    Took my pup on this lovely hike. The only downside to this spot is how popular it is with the mountain bicyclist. Just be mindful to keep your eyes and ears open for the cyclist, they were all very kind, just don’t frequent this trail with headphones in.