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    Carrie Foglesong added 1 way to 3 sisters

    about 1 month ago

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Pine Knot Trail to Grand View Point

    4 months ago

    Beautiful and brisk. Poor Big Bear has no snow but it allowed for a beautiful hike and views that were beyond compare!

    Carrie Foglesong completed Ladder Canyon Trail

    5 months ago

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Mount Whitney via Mount Whitney Trail

    9 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful weather! Cold but dry which we we so fortunate to experience. Other than poles and light you don't need any other equipment as of this moment. There is ice especially at the cables on the switch backs but you can step on the rocks on the edges to avoid the ice. The altitude is a real issue that many were struggling with in the trail. Give yourself time to adjust and plan for more time than you think you will need. Pack light. A member of my group carried too much it sapped him. There is NO water at the Portal so buy ahead and carry enough and have a purification plan for Base Camp. You will need more water than you want to carry.
    This is an accomplishment no matter what but pushing it as a one day trek pushes your limits. I would do it again as a one day hike.

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Vivian Creek Trail to San Gorgonio Peak

    9 months ago

    Did this on September 24 on a beautiful day - crisp and clear making for great views when out of the forest. You must start at day break for a day hike to avoid the need for headlamps and allow for pics and snacks! The last ascent to the summit is long, steady, and unrelenting to the top. On a hotter day that last section would be harder in the heat so make sure you have the water to go the distance.

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Berry Creek Falls Trail

    9 months ago

    Good hike. Good distance. The waterfalls were pleasant and refreshing but a bit late in the season so not as full as they would be in the spring. Trees were gorgeous old monuments to natures perseverance over time!

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Marion Mountain to San Jacinto

    9 months ago

    It was tough and technical with rocks and roots throughout. A very tough downhill!! The view at the top is spectacularly sweeping. And yes you can see Catalina, desert, mountains and basically most of SoCal. There are lots of side trails so keep your bearings and route with checks especially at the junctions.

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed San Bernardino Peak Trail via Angelus Oaks

    10 months ago

    Great hard hike! Up, up, up! Make sure you stop at the bench because the views are spectacular. Clear trail and well maintained all the way and this hike rewards every tough step with tremendous beauty!

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Berry Creek Falls Trail

    10 months ago

    Every step was breathtaking because the forest was immense and dramatic. The waterfalls were a cool needed break on a hot day. The trail is clear and well marked so no risk of getting lost! Would do it again but would go earlier in the year in the hopes the waterfalls had more water.

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Trail

    10 months ago

    Love this hike. Physically challenging both up and down! Scenery is lovely with a bit of everything from tall trees and rushing water in the canyon to stubby trees and brilliant sunshine on the mountain peak. Beautiful birds, cute chipmunks,and great views!

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Nighthawk Trail to Black Mountain Summit

    11 months ago

    I did this as part of a 25K trail race, looping up and down and around all the mountain paths. The course was set up to be all about elevation so that made it really hard. Also the down hills were brutal but again that's how the course was set up. The interior trails with few exceptions were "technical" meaning rocky, really rocky, from all the storms.

    Carrie Foglesong reviewed Castle Peak Trail

    about 1 year ago