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    Caroline Kennedy

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Caroline Kennedy added Summer 2019

    4 months ago

    Caroline Kennedy reviewed Mount Massive Trail (via South East)

    4 months ago

    This was my first 14er back in July and it was hard! We camped near the trailhead on a Friday night and started the hike at 5am. It was cold for the first mile or two before the sun rose but warmed up pretty quickly. I started wearing long leggings, a long sleeve, and a North Face jacket and by the time we hit treeline it was very warm and I wished I wore shorts! Would recommend wearing shorts underneath pants that you can easily shed (or zip-offs) with layers on top that you can easily take off. The beginning of the hike is fairly easy all the way up until you reach tree line. The switchbacks are pretty tough but the hardest part (for me) was after the switchbacks when you basically walk straight up a steep climb. The air is thin and you're still pretty far from the summit. The "technical" part of the climb at the end was very easy, just climbing through some large boulders but it's not too steep and the trail is easy to follow, especially if there are others climbing it. We saw some mountain goats about 10 feet off the trail! Got to the summit around 10am, hung out for about 20 minutes then headed back down. You really understand how far up you are when you walk down! It seemed like it took forever. Finished the hike around 2:30pm and got some burgers in Leadville before driving back to Denver. Was pretty tough for my first 14er and I'm in pretty good shape. I'd recommend it if you've done a couple 14ers and other high elevation hikes prior.