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    Member Since April 2018

    Caroline Hurabielle Pro-red@3x

    Los Angeles, California 

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    Caroline Hurabielle reviewed Skyline Trail: Cactus to Clouds

    23 days ago

    Amazing hike! Parked at Museum. The security guy stopped by and told us to park under the light so our car would be seen by the cameras. Slept couple of hours in the car before starting at 1:30am, definitely recommend to start as early as possible to go through the non shaded, hot area. Walking in the dark is fun and awesome views of the city by night. Sunrise midway to the tram to finish with daylight the steepest part. Take your time and with cadence it works. It took us 7h to reach the tram. Break and power nap, water refill and got our permits (free and mandatory). Started the second section, was hard at the beginning to warm up our tired legs again, trail was easy though, gradual and super busy (not so fun.....). It took us about 2.5h to reach the top, light snow there, no need for any gears, just a big patch on top. Views are amazing, only downside is the crowd, very busy....
    Took another powernap before going down, took the tram and a Lyft back to our car before.
    All in all, 15h out there, truly great hike, amazing views and so green! I would do it again in a heartbeat.