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    over grown
    2 days ago

    This was an absolutely delightful hike, much more so than I expected. I’d say that the difficulty depends on which way you travel. I went clockwise and I gently slipped down toward the river. Once past the river, there was a noticeable change in the steepness of the hill on the way out. So I’d say if you want an easier trip, travel counterclockwise and take the steeper end down toward the river. To travel this route, you’ll want to go right when you get to the Ridge Trail/N. River Trail split. That way, on the way out, you’ll gently slope up as you travel away from the river. Another issue is the fact that the trail can be rocky and full of roots at times; so you’ll have to watch for that. And right now we’ve had a lot of rain and some parts of the trail were so muddy they were practically swamps and I HAD to go off the trail. You’ll adore the river. The bright green moss everywhere and the fields of ferns made this a beautiful wood even though it’s the dead of winter and there isn’t much foliage around. I heard a variety of birds and saw lots of nests as well. Enjoy!


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