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    Member Since October 2019

    Cameo Rose

    Seattle, Washington 

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    Cameo Rose reviewed Woodchute Trail

    12 days ago

    Amazing trail with very breathtaking views! You can see the beautiful red Sedona mountains from this trail. We didn’t finish the whole thing because we didn’t have enough time, but I will definitely come back! My dog loved it too.

    The only complaint is, I wish we had parked closer to the trail entrance, so just make sure you keep driving down the road to the right once you pull into the first area (you will come to a parking lot with a toilet vault) and that road to the right leads you down to the actual trailhead.

    Cameo Rose completed Woodchute Trail

    12 days ago

    Cameo Rose saved Woodchute Trail

    12 days ago

    Cameo Rose reviewed Staircase Rapids Loop

    12 days ago

    Beautiful trail, well maintained. We are from out of state so we had to pay a $30 entrance fee which was pretty steep... but it was definitely worth it for the fun we had. The road getting there was super rough with potholes up until the National Park boundary line, so be prepared for a long bumpy road on your way in and out!

    Cameo Rose completed Staircase Rapids Loop

    12 days ago

    Cameo Rose completed Sam's River Trail

    12 days ago

    Cameo Rose reviewed Sam's River Trail

    12 days ago

    Such a beautiful, lush hike full of different types of scenery. From meadows, to dense wildlife trails, and rivers! We hiked this in early October so it was lightly raining, which made it muddy and flooded out in some parts but it was so peaceful and made for a great adventure. The trail was lost for a moment when we came to a meadow, but we found the way out when we saw a sign with an arrow saying “trail” pointing the way. The loop was pretty confusing as it starts and ends on either sides of the road?

    NOTE: follow the signs for the Queets campground — It’s right there. My GPS had taken us the other way (right at the fork) which was wrong!

    Cameo Rose saved Sam's River Trail

    12 days ago