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    Caliph Assagai reviewed Muir Beach to Rodeo Beach

    5 months ago

    This trail was awesome. Mostly along the beach for the first half (to Tennessee Valley), but from there the views are inland and the trial is steep! Be prepared to get right on it at the first ascent, as there is no easing into this trail.

    The views are totally worth it. And I saw lots of whales!

    If you really need the distance I think it's worth it to go all the way to Rodeo beach. If you are just wanted the stunning ocean views, then going to Tennessee Valley should be enough. The climb up and over to Rodeo was the most challenging part of the trail. There are small spots of shade, which I took advantage of, but mostly you are exposed.

    The trail is very well maintained and makes for some good easy running.

    Arrive early as parking can be difficult at Muir Beach.

    Caliph Assagai reviewed Berry Creek Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    I completed this hike on June 3rd. All the trails for this loop are now open, however you must take Sunset then the Sunset Connector to get to Skyline To The Sea. I took Redwood, to Dool, to Sunset, Sunset Connector, Skyline, Berry Creek Falls, back to Sunset.

    It took me about 4 hours 20 minutes with breaks, though I ran some of the downhills and was keeping a pretty good pace.

    Things to consider as far as direction:

    1) View

    If you take Skyline To The Sea to Berry Creek Falls you are are approaching the falls from the bottom, so you get to see them from the distance as you are walking up. If you start with Sunset you are going to be coming down the falls...For me, I'd rather be climbing up and have the views. Plus the sections along the falls are steep and difficult to descend.

    2) Difficulty

    Sunset is a lot of ups and downs and has more exposed sections than Skyline. But coming up Skyline from the falls is a constant uphill with almost no downhill. Check it out for yourself, but as for me I'd rather start my hike heading downhill and getting warmed up, see the falls, then really push it to get back to the car.

    DEFINITELY bring the bug spray as recommended. And even though it's mostly shady, enough sun comes in to get really hot. I wore a tank top and was still sweating.