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    Caitlin Marie saved Spray Park Trail

    23 days ago

    Caitlin Marie saved Colchuck Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Caitlin Marie saved Summer Land Trail

    2 months ago

    Caitlin Marie saved Green Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Caitlin Marie saved Tolmie Peak Trail

    2 months ago

    Caitlin Marie reviewed Boy Scout Trail

    3 months ago

    I would say this is on the easier side of moderate. No steep hills to speak of, just lots of winding dirt paths. There was a tree down later in the trail, but easy(ish) to climb over. I went on a Monday morning around 8:45 - I saw 2 people on my way in, and 14 groups on my way out (around 10), so definitely go early to enjoy the quiet.

    Caitlin Marie completed Boy Scout Trail

    3 months ago

    Caitlin Marie reviewed Snow Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Hiked this in July. We started at around 7am and ran into about 2-3 groups on the way up. The first portion of the hike is pretty easygoing, but there is a pretty intimidating set of switchbacks to reach the top. It was very foggy that early in the morning, so we could hardly see the lake until all of the fog dried up and we were rewarded with an amazing view! Hung out for awhile and started heading down around 2pm, where we ran into MANY more people and large groups coming up...this was really my only complaint, as many of them were very inconsiderate hikers (unyielding on switchbacks, someone playing loud music from a radio, etc.) I would love to do this hike again, but would definitely avoid weekend traffic.

    Caitlin Marie completed Snow Lake Trail

    6 months ago