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    Member Since August 2018

    C Wall Pro-red@3x

    Waxhaw, North Carolina 

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    C Wall saved Otter Falls Trail

    1 day ago

    C Wall reviewed Otter Falls Trail

    1 day ago

    The trail is marked as easy but I would say it leans more towards moderate due to some narrow areas, rocky and uneven surfaces and also the pretty steep climb back up. Thank goodness for the couple of rest benches! However, the actual waterfalls are beautiful. There are some nice wooden stairs once you’ve arrived at the falls. If you walk down just a few yards from the actual falls there’s a wading pool area and some rocks to sit on. Our dog loved it!

    C Wall completed Otter Falls Trail

    1 day ago

    C Wall reviewed Mountain Lake via Sulphur Springs Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Easy hike from parking lot to dam / spill way.
    At the gazebo, if you take the trail that appears to go up along the left hand side of the steps. The trail turns left and the remaining walk to the dam is a easy incline with fewer rocks to navigate.